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Banana Boat Rentals



Are you looking for something exciting and new to do on your vacation? Why not give zooming across the crystal clear waters off on one of our inflatable banana boats at a try?

Banana Boat

Boat Paradise provides you with a fast and wet ride is a fun and exciting way to cool off. Our life vests come in a range of sizes. 

Whether you’re vacationing in the area or you’re a local; want a monster adrenaline rush or a bouncing tour; our rides are suitable for everyone. Individual, family and large group rates are available, why not check us out today?

Why Banana Boat ride?

  • It strengthens muscles. You’re not just sitting, but giving your muscle group a huge favor.

  • It keeps you entertained, the banana boat ride is a recreational activity that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

  • A banana boat ride is an exciting activity that allows you to burn calories.

  • A banana boat ride improves your cardiovascular system, you will be able to increase your blood circulation by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your body

What are you waiting for, come and join us!

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