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Boat Party in Hong Kong: Enjoy exclusive discounts on boating and start a luxury yacht party trip!

In addition to being famous for its bustling and unique urban culture, Hong Kong also has many charming islands. Want to experience a different Hong Kong with your loved one or partner on a special day or weekend? Whether it is to explore marine ecology or relax, chartering a yacht is an excellent choice.

In addition to enjoying the breathtaking sea views and spectacular views of skyscrapers, you can also experience a variety of exciting and interesting water activities when going out to sea in Hong Kong. This article will introduce the services of the preferential boat party, including information such as Book boat sailing, Hong Kong sailing and yacht sailing, etc., to help you choose the most suitable yacht trip for you.

What is the charm of a boat party?

Hong Kong is located on the southeast coast of Asia, with rich and diverse marine resources and a beautiful coastline. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday with the family, an unforgettable gathering with friends, or a unique business event with business partners, a Hong Kong yachting yacht can meet your needs.

Luxury Boat

The spacious decks of the luxury yacht provide comfortable seating areas and sunbeds, allowing guests to enjoy the sun and sea breeze. The yacht is also equipped with a modern kitchen, luxurious cabins and bathrooms. It is no problem to go out to sea for a few days. It is simply the ultimate enjoyment!

Unlimited Entertainment

Guests who go out to sea on a yacht can enjoy a variety of food and wine on board. In addition, the yacht also has advanced sound systems and entertainment facilities, such as large flat-screen TVs and game rooms. It is by no means a problem to hold a lively ship party. Whether it's spending quality time with family or hosting a yacht party with friends, it's sure to keep you entertained.

High Quality Service

There must be a professional crew on the yacht in Hong Kong. They will take care of the needs of the guests throughout the process and ensure that they enjoy meticulous service throughout the journey. The crew will also provide professional guides and sailing advice to ensure everyone's safety and fun.

Book boating is a unique activity that allows you to escape from your busy daily life, enjoy the comfortable sunshine and sea breeze, and relax yourself. Whether it is a holiday party, family reunion or a romantic getaway, sailing on a yacht will bring you an unforgettable experience.

What occasions are suitable for boating?

If you are planning a certain event, you can hold different types of events by going out to sea on boats! Listed below are some occasions suitable for boating:

Birthday Party

Whether it is to celebrate the birthday of a child or an adult, you can choose boat party to create a unique and unforgettable birthday party. What an unforgettable experience to spend this special day with family and friends by hosting a yacht party!

Love Date

If you want to add romance to your date, booking boat is an excellent choice. You can spend peaceful time with your loved one under the romantic sunset, and this romantic boat date will become an indelible memory for both of you.

Happy Party

Boating is also ideal for hosting yacht parties. Whether it is a company event, a group gathering or a gathering of friends, the space and facilities on the yacht can meet the needs of the guests, allowing you to have a high party.

Romantic Wedding Banquet

Chartering a yacht and having your wedding on board is very romantic and sure to impress the couple as well as their family and friends. Not only that, the beautiful sea view that can be seen on the boat will also add an unforgettable charm to the wedding. The couple can exchange vows under the sun and let the beautiful sea witness their special moment.

Therefore, boating is suitable for different events, whether you want to celebrate a special day, have a yacht party, or want to host a special event, chartering a boat can do it.

What are the activities on board Boatparadise?

On the yachts of Boatparadise, guests can enjoy a variety of activities to add fun and excitement to the sea journey. Here are some major activities:

Catering at Sea

Boatparadise offers exquisite dining at sea, whether it is a luxurious buffet, seafood barbecue or specialties. Who wouldn't love to enjoy a delicious meal on board a yacht while admiring the stunning ocean views?

Passionate Water Skiing

If you want to seek more exciting activities, you can try water skiing, enjoy the speed and passion under the background of blue sky, white clouds and blue water, it is worth a try.

Happy Banana Boat

Banana boat is a popular water activity, sit with friends on an inflatable banana-shaped boat and experience the thrill of being quickly towed on the sea.

Of course, in addition to this, Boatparadise has other water activities. Whether you are going out to sea with family, friends or a partner, Boatparadise will provide an unforgettable sea experience.

What types of boats does Boatparadise have?

Boatparadise offers many different models of yachts to meet the needs and preferences of different customers. The following are some common ship types:

Classic Junk Boat

A wooden junk boat is a classic boat type, especially for those who prefer traditional style. These ships are known for their fine woodwork and comfortable interiors. Wooden boats can accommodate 15 to 36 people, and the price ranges from as low as $6000 to $18000.

Luxury Boat

Luxury yachts have modern designs and high-end facilities, including spacious cabins, living areas, advanced entertainment systems, etc., which are very suitable for sailing on the sea. They are usually able to accommodate more than 30 people and are ideal for parties, weddings or important events. Because it is more luxurious, the price is on the high side, ranging from $10000 to $48000.


The flagship ship is equipped with guest rooms, lounge areas, open decks, pontoons, trampolines, etc., and the price ranges from $7800 to $14000. Its ability to accommodate large groups, combined with its full range of facilities, allows guests to enjoy a comfortable yachting experience.

Whether you want to feel the charm of traditional wooden boats or pursue a luxurious experience, Boatparadise can provide the right boat type according to your requirements. Before booking, it is recommended to contact Boatparadise's professional team for more detailed boat selection and price-related information.

What are the benefits of exclusive charter?

Boatparadise offers its customers a variety of benefits to ensure they get the best possible yachting experience. Here are some common offers:

Summer Package

This offer allows guests to hire a boat for their event at a great value. During this period, there may be discounts on boat rentals, water activities, on-board catering services, and there may even be other fringe benefits.

Special Promotion

Boatparadise also regularly offers special offers to celebrate holidays, anniversaries or special events. These offers may include discounts, special benefits or special experiences.

Food and Beverage Offers

Enjoying food and drinks on board is one of the highlights of yachting. Boatparadise offers dining deals including special menus, set menus, promotions and more. This allows guests to enjoy delicious food and drinks at a low price on board, making the entire voyage more enjoyable.

It is worth noting that specific offers and discounts may vary according to different times and seasons. Before renting a yacht, you can go to the official website of Boatparadise to check the details.

How to book a boat party?

To book the boat P boat Party, you can follow the steps below to contact Boatparadise and make a reservation:

1. Visit the website

2. Look for relevant pages or menus about Boat Party on Boatparadise.

3. Choose the most suitable ship type and package according to your needs and budget.

4. You can select the ship type you want on the ship type page, and then click [Book Now] to contact Boatparadise via WhatsApp +852 9072 1791. You may also call +852 9792 7297 or email, tell them the boat type, date and time you want, and let them book the boat for you.

After completing the above steps, your boat party booking is complete. The team will be in touch with you to make sure everything is running smoothly and getting your party on board ready.

If you're looking for an unforgettable onboard event, Boatparadise is definitely an option worth considering.

Boatparadise provides guests with luxury yachts, professional services, and multiple discounts. Whether it is a party, a date, or just wanting to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time at sea, your boat Party will become an unforgettable memory.

Action is worse than excitement, book the service that suits you immediately, and start a luxurious and free sea journey!

Boatparadise provide yachting service for the most epic boating, parties and events in Hon Kong.

Contact us:

WhatsApp: 90721791



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