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Bad Weather Arrangement

In order to prevent miscommunication & ensure there are no disagreements on the day of your trip here are some clear guidelines. 



By agreeing these terms, the organiser of the charter is responsible for informing all their guests of the following and by paying a deposit to secure a booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions in their entirety.



The Captain has the sole right for decisions made onboard the boat and may issue directions to staff & guests should a situation arise.

  • Following reckless or dangerous behaviour, the Captain reserves the right to return to the pier. 

  • The Captain reserves the right to control the music level on board.

  • Following dangerous weather the Captain reserves the right to return to the pier.

  • When extra guests who are part of an all inclusive package board, Captain reserves the right to only leave the pier once full payment for guests has been paid to our crew.



At the end of the junk trip, upon arrival at the drop-off point, passengers are not permitted to take any leftover food or beverages.

Infants (0-3 years) are not catered for.

Hong Kong Junks will not take responsibility for allergies. We will remove items on menus when notified in advance but we cannot guarantee traces of nuts, eggs, wheat etc still won’t be present, so if you have a severe allergy we suggest you BYO your own food. Staff on the boats do not know exactly what ingredients are in items so asking them on the boat is too late.



The organiser is responsible for any damage caused to the boat by them or their guests and are liable for any repair costs.



The number of people who board the boat cannot exceed the legal limit/ licence capacity. If so the captain must refuse to sail out. In case more passengers wish to board than were originally confirmed and paid for, any additional passenger will be charged the relevant rate per person, regardless of whether or not food and/or drinks are sufficient. This is payable in cash before the boat can set off to its destination. The organiser is responsible for arranging payment.




Passengers are solely responsible for their own personal safety and that of any property they bring aboard. Bringing illegal substances or using illegal substances during the junk trip is not permitted. Smoking of any substance below deck is not permitted. For your own safety and the safety of others, Hong Kong Junks recommends passengers only wear appropriate, flat-soled footwear whilst on board the vessel and remain seated at all times whilst underway. Furthermore, Hong Kong Junks recommends no dancing whilst underway, no running, jumping, or diving off the upper deck at any time and no swimming in the evening. Hong Kong Junks takes no responsibility for damages, theft or personal injuries during boarding, the duration of the junk trip, at the time of disembarkation, or at any time thereafter. When a Typhoon Signal 3 is hoisted or a Red Rainstorm Warning is issued, the charter will be automatically postponed. Hong Kong Junks is aware of potential dangers on board boats including tripping hazards, moving parts and obstacles and of the potential dangers of exposure to the sun and drinking alcohol in the sun.



The junk is only to be used for leisure purposes and not for any commercial or illegal use. The junk must also remain within Hong Kong territorial waters at all times.



In the event that the restrictions imposed by the Government in response to COVID19 result in a charter becoming prohibited on the originally scheduled departure date, we will arrange to reschedule the charter to a subsequent departure date on the following terms:

  • If the original departure date is on weekday, the rescheduled day must also be on weekday. If the original departure date is on the weekend, the rescheduled day must also be on the weekend. 

  • Any difference in charter fee between the rescheduled day and the original charter date, will not be refunded.

  • Customers may only reschedule the departure date once, such rescheduled date to be within 6 months from the original charter date. If the charterer has not rescheduled then charter within this period, the charterer will be deemed to have forfeited 100% of the charter fee. 

  • Unless otherwise providee under these terms and conditions, we will not accept any refund request.


Should the booking party wish to bring additional cargo or personal equipment such as sound systems aboard, Hong Kong Junks must be informed at least 14 days prior to the charter date and it must be approved by Hong Kong Junks.

Hong Kong Junks accepts no responsibility for such items and is not liable for any damage or loss to any such items which may occur as a result of being brought aboard at the risk of the booking party.

Under no circumstances may the boat’s sound system be used in conjunction with DJ equipment. If a DJ is operating on the boat then ALL relevant equipment must be provided by the organiser



The standard rental time is seven hours for a day trip and four hours for an evening trip before 12 midnight. The maximum travel time between pick up & drop off cannot exceed three hours. Any additional travel over the allotted time will be subject to an extra surcharge and fuel levy.

The passengers are assumed to embark and disembark at the same point. If special arrangements need to be made, they should be discussed beforehand with Hong Kong Junks and may incur additional costs. Please confirm your route and itinerary prior to departure.



If a change in weather poses a safety risk, the captain of the junk has the right to choose the safest route to a destination and/or safe location to dock.



The junk rental date cannot be changed for rain, typhoon signal 1-3, thunder warning, monsoon warning, yellow or red rain warnings or any other weather conditions. If the renting party insists on cancelling the junk any monies already paid will be forfeited. However, if a Typhoon Signal 8 (or higher) or a Black Rainstorm Warning is in force in the two hours before the pick-up time of the booked junk trip, Hong Kong Junks will automatically postpone the junk trip to a later date in agreement with the booking party. If a Typhoon Signal 3 or higher is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during the junk trip, the captain is obliged to immediately return the vessel to the point of pick-up or to the nearest appropriate place of shelter, in accordance with the Marine Department Ordinance. Hong Kong Junks must emphasise that no compensation will be made for any “unused” time.



If due to mechanical reasons prior to the junk trip date, the boat is not able to sail out, Hong Kong Junks will try to provide a boat similar to the one booked. If no other boats are available, Hong Kong Junks will inform the organiser immediately and agree to either change the date upon agreement with the organiser or refund any monies already received. If mechanical problems occur during the junk trip on the way to the confirmed destination, the captain will provide best efforts to carry the passengers to either the destination or to the most convenient drop-off point. If the vessel has already been out for more than half of the booked time or has already reached its destination, no compensation time will be given. If compensation time is applicable, it can only be used on a regular day (no special holidays), or the booking party can choose to have a proportional amount of the fee returned.



Hong Kong Junks has third-party insurance coverage in accordance with Hong Kong’s regulations. Please be aware, however, that this insurance does not provide cover for damage to personal property or to individuals in many circumstances (e.g. personal accident/injury). If you wish to comprehensively protect yourself and your guests Hong Kong Junks recommends that you arrange insurance that is specifically intended for this purpose (for example, One-Day Safe Local Travel Accident Insurance style product). Hong Kong Junks liability for any loss or damage suffered by you or your guests shall not exceed the total charter fee of the relevant charter



Children and pets are the sole responsibility of their guardians/ owners and children 14yrs or below must wear lifejackets.



By chartering with Hong Kong Junks, you acknowledge that photos may be taken of the trip/event and you consent that these photos may be used for promotional purposes. Please inform if you don’t allow this.

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